Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas...twin style...

I told myself that I wasn't going to put my tree up until December for obvious reasons...well to reasons, Dylan and Ashton.  I caved, I couldn't help myself, stick to tradition, I put it up right before we left to Thanksgiving with my family. Oh dear what a bad decision that was.  I thought I would do it in stages, so I put the tree up and just put lights on it for a week, boys messed with it the first day or two but began to lose interest, then I added the decorations...WOW that was just way to much temptation for two little toddlers to resist!  So after a month of craziness, a month of near destruction it still stands, maybe not quite as pretty as it once was, but it is still standing and that is all I can really ask for at this age *laugh*.  So now here we are less than a week for Christmas and I can't wait to watch them open their gifts, I am counting down the days.  Last year was their first Christmas, but this year will be so much more fun for them, ripping open the presents, and playing with all that new cool stuff!  As for traditions sadly this mama was not very good with following through beyond getting the tree up as we always do, I really wanted to start the elf on the shelf this year, but I procrastinated just a little and we didn't get the lil' guy ordered...NEXT YEAR for sure!!!  And every year I tell myself spend less, really why go overboard?  Yeah right, I feel such guilt for all the time my oldest doesn't get with me because I am so busy with the twins, that I caved, I bought him that totally unneeded, ridiculous XBox 360 that he has been asking for.  Yeah we needed that just like we need the PlayStation 2 and the Wii, well I need the Wii, I am totally in love with Netflix hehehehehe.  Silly I know but I just couldn't not get him everything he asked for this year, and then the twins they need nothing, but got all sorts of new fun gadgets.  Well I hope I get a new house for Christmas so I have somewhere to put all the crap I bought my boys :).  Gifts aside I still have one more tradition to do, get my butt baking, but with what time.  Every year I do cookies and decorate them oh so very pretty, usually it takes me three days to complete but this year I am only going to have two days to get it done, go figure mama short of time that is just my reality these days.  I can do it and I can't wait to have those extra four hands to help me!  The twins are great bakers, they helped me bake bread they can tackle cookies for sure!!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS all my twin mamas!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

"How Do You Do It?!"

"How Do You Do It?!" I cannot tell you how many times I have been stopped and asked this question from people with perplexed faces. I seem to think that I live a fairly ordinary life, but when it is pointed out by others that I have so much on my plate-- I begin to wonder just how extra-ordinary life with twins really is.

Life has thrown us so many challenges that we just take them all one at a time and find a balance to it all. Its like the circus performer who spins all the plates and manages to keep 20 or so going all at the same time. And the juggler does it with a smile of "I would love to see you try to do this." I feel like that circus performer. I wonder how much longer I can keep all the plates spinning.

"How Do You Do It?!" Are they seeing what I am seeing? Do they really understand what it takes to manage two year old twin toddlers, work outside the home full time, and keep up with the household needs. Not to mention having one car, with hubby working on the other side of town and adding daycare into the mix? What it takes when anyone in the family gets sick, or the added responsibility of two additional house guests that have taken residence in the spare bedroom for the past ten months? Truth is, they have no idea.

At the end of the day, I check all the spinning plates and give an occasional push to this one or that one and I am so thankful that it has not all come crashing down. At least not yet. I honestly have no idea --How Do I Do It?

One day at a time. Two days at a time just doesn't work, and believe me, I have tried.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Twin moms are freaks of nature

Twin moms are freaks of nature: "This video is like an eerie recording of conversations I’ve had a million times. I especially love the “are they natural” question. For those of you who are curious, here’s a brief primer on twins: 1.) Boy/girl twins can not be identical. Ever. Think penis and vagina. 2.) If you see a middle class woman…"