Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who knew...

... that the coveted one year mark I so looked forward to would bring such a large amount of new challenges. So, with much fanfare we made it through the first year and now I often find myself wondering why I looked forward to it so much. My girls are now toddlers, times two! I don't think I've had a moment of peace in the past 5 months since hitting that big one year milestone. I love that they talk and walk and are developing their own unique identities but they sure keep me hopping. There is no containing them, between their 3 yr old brother breaking the safety gates and them learning how to open them I just cannot seem to keep them in one spot. I look back on the pictures from the first year of their life and there are hundreds, now it is just pictures I manage to snap on my cell phone, well whenever I can find it and they're not trying to eat it! I always wondered what people meant when they said it didn't really get easier, just different and I guess now I know. Yes they sleep better but I still cannot sleep because I'm up all night trying to fix the disaster they've turned my house into. Yes they feed themselves now, and each other, they also throw food, hide food and feed themselves things they shouldn't. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching them interact with each other, they play and laugh and wrestle, they've also managed to bust the lamp on daddy's big screen TV that we just finished paying off and tear cabinet doors off their hinges. I love them dearly and I pray every day I will survive year two.

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