Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Silence...No Empty Hands...Heart Overflowing

One thing that I have learned is that silence truly is golden, well it sure is rare in this house.  Each night I sit and think I should get to bed since the twinners get up so early, but a mama needs a moment of silence at the end of each day.  Just a hour or so to unwind, chat with some other twin mamas about the day, just nice to relate to somebody these days, it is hard to find somebody that truly gets what a day in the life of a twin mama is like!  Speaking of relating... I am sure you all relate to never having enough hands.  Just a short trip to the store, or to visit family takes well over an hour to get packed and out the door, then carrying it all to the Suburban geesh, what a task.  Oh and not to mention along with the huge bag of "ya just never know, if you don't pack it you will surely need it", I am juggling a 30+ pound toddler on each hip, and at least one of them is usually trying to squirm and escape. *No wonder people stare LOL*  I remember a day when  fellow twin mom of twinfants said I bet it is easier now that they can walk to the car and in places, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME, they NEVER walk where you want them to, they run AWAY in SEPARATE directions most times.  So here I am living a life of chaos, noise at octaves you never thought was humanly possible, juggling toddlers and toddler's must haves, dragging them from here to there, chasing them near and far, getting stopped by the twinzarazzi to ask the silliest of questions and saying you sure have you hands full, as I am trying to keep tabs on my lil' rascals.  But I wouldn't change a single thing, yes my hands are full, but my heart is overflowing. 

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    I just joined your bloggy group. I'm not sure the word easy and twins go together at any age. lol I hope you have a great weekend.