Saturday, October 2, 2010

Time Flying Fast

I think we are all in the same boat as I have been reading the recent posts, that time is flying quicker than we thought. I never thought time would fly fast with kids, but boy was I wrong. My duo will be 2 in March...2!!!! I can remember being at the doctor's office being told I was pregnant, then 5 months later SUPRISE your having twins!!! I have to say I am just not with the pictures as the rest of you have been, and I think I will regret it majorly! We even bought a new video camera but it sits in our closet waiting to be used. I regret not putting more into these guys, I had started their scrapbook but now it's laid dormant for about 3 months. Working with Special Ed kids sucks the life out of me, and when I get home it's all I can do from crashing to spend time with my kids. I wonder if I will look back and become sad that I haven't spent more time capturing the moments of their growing up. I am thinking once they turn 2, it will be soon they will enter into preschool. We are preparing to change daycares from one that is basically babysitting to one that teaches, it will be a hard move since they are used to the one daycare but I really want them to get their education started, although we do read and count at home.

I think for my birthday I am going to ask for a better camera, the one I have is not bad but I need one where it's easy to post the pictures without having to do many steps. Any suggestions? I am not looking to spend over $300, the one I have is about $100 so I have to watch what I buy. I really want to capture as all of you have been doing so wonderfully, each step of their growth. I do get professional photos taken 3 times a year but it's the natural at home photos I am lacking in, well not lacking just too damn lazy to put them up on the pc. I need some advice, and some encouragement to do so. Heck, blogging right now is hard cause I just want to sit and veg when the kids are down for their naps on the weekends...its constant go go go from M-Fri from work to home; although I will say for those that are SAHM...BLESS YOUR HEARTS, I AM IN AWE OF YOUR GREATNESS...just the weekends alone with my duo tax me out, cant imagine 24/7...though I know I will miss out in the end.

I swear I am just rambling on here, guess I just need to really think about what I want to say before sitting behind a computer and just blogging. I guess the overall message is I feel I am missing out on their lives by choosing to go to work, but then it's not a choice I have made lightly due to the fact my husband is unemployed since the construction business took a major dive here in California. Going from making $80k to virtually nothing has been very very tough on us all, and I just hope somewhere he can find something else to make as a career. My goals are to go back to school once he is back on his feet, I'll do part-time schooling as I want to spend time with the kids, getting them prepared for school and I may even dabble in home-schooling for the first couple of years and enter them into school around 2nd grade, but we shall see about that. Anywho, thanks for letting me ramble and putting things out there...maybe I'll be able to look back on this blog and say WTH were you talking about?? LOL



  1. My husband bought a really easy to use Sony camera when the babies were born. They came so early that everything was bought quickly. But I have to say that the best thing for us taking pics is having great camera's in our phones. I had an iphone before, but recently we upgraded to Samsung Android phones that take pics and vids. The best part about the new phone is that I can upload pics to fb and vids to you tube from the phone. I recommend getting a phone with the best camera you can afford. It's something you always have and it's super easy to just pull out of your pocket.

    I think even being a SAHM I feel like I am missing things. Time moves quickly whether you're busy with work, housework or just plain old day to day child raising.

  2. Oh mama buy a plain ole digital, go Canon, and and SD and put them on your computer the old school way. And being a SAHM I do miss things too, I miss out on tons of fun when I am in the slump of feeling sorry for myself that I don't get out, I don't see friends, and I don't get a break. It is a toss up, you tend to take more for granted when you are at home all day and all night!!