Friday, July 16, 2010

I would like to thank all of my fellow twin mamas for the support for the last (almost) 8 months... without you ladies I would prolly spend most of my time at home being scare/terrified to leave the house with twinfants. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Today we all took a nice little day trip to Door County. It's the peninsula of Wisconsin. Famous for cherries and apples and cutesy little harbor towns. It was a long drive about 2 hours one way but we made it. We got lots of people that stared at us and lots that asked questions... you know the same 'ol routine you get when you're out. It was fun though because today I didn't mind the questions because it was a relaxing day and we had 2 VERY happy babies. I love looking in the mirrors to see my happy little ones. We have been very lucky that the twinners travel well. I think that has to do to the fact once we were able to leave the house (damn RSV season!) we did. They enjoy the time in their car seats and rock out with my husband and me.

We didn't spend as much time in Door County as we would have liked but it was worth it. Nothing can beat having purple stained lips and fingers from freshly picked sweet cherries :) While we were driving my husband, Dusty, and I were talking about what we would like to do with the twinners as they get older. I told him that I think it is important for them to get out and see the world around them. I've told him of my many travels as a kid as well as adult and how much I LOVED it, his family didn't travel at all and he wished they had. We decided that day trips around our beautiful state are a good start. I'm very excited and I know Dusty is as well! We never know what's going to happen to the nature around us (ie. like the oil that was gushing into the gulf) and our children need to see the true beauty of Mother Nature before it's too late. So Wisconsin State Parks here we come! Thank you mamas for getting our butts out there!
Y Nora

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  1. Awesome! I can't wait to take some trips to St. Parks all over the country! I think I can convince DH to plan a trip around meeting my twin Mama friends, but it may take a while to get it together!