Friday, July 9, 2010

You Get Me Through The Tough Days

Hey twin momma blogging friends! This week has been a challenging one with the boys. I’ve had one of those days about four times in a row. I think we’re cutting molars and my great nappers have been anything but great sleepers and have been refusing to take their afternoon naps – which we all know makes for loooong evenings. I just wanted to tell all of you that, while it’s fun to share our wonderful experiences of the twin journey and each new milestone our little ones master, it is YOU amazing mommas that get me through the tough days too! Even if we don’t “talk” or see each other on Facebook and BabyCenter everyday it just helps to have you all in mind and know that I’m not alone. Knowing that we are all doing our very best everyday with our twin joys – and, for some, even fuller homes – makes it easier to overcome these rough weeks. Thank you for that and thank you all for your friendship, support and compassion.

♥ Jenn

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