Sunday, July 18, 2010

You All Are My Inspiration

To my wonderful and amazing twin moms,
I want to thank you for your support and friendship. Finding out that I was having twins was a complete shock to me and my husband. After being told by doctors and specialists that we would not be able to have children and then being blessed with two amazing boys was surreal.
Before I became pregnant, I was slowly distancing myself from old friends. Once I became pregnant, all my "friendships" were gone. No one understood that having children meant to raise them and not allow them to be in daycare 24/7. No one understood what it meant to raise multiple children at the same time not even family, and then I met you wonderful women.
You understand the struggles with twin infants, the stress, the joys, the fears, everything. I am so grateful to be given the chance to blog with all of you and have you get a peek into my life as I will with yours.
I pray that we will meet soon.

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