Friday, July 16, 2010

Why I Love You Ladies!

Dear Twin Mamas,

I simply adore you! I cannot even really imagine where I would be with out finding my new peer group, the toughest women I know, all of you! One of the wonderful things about us is that despite our diversity as a group, we have these unique and shared experiences as Mothers. I know that you get me, and I get you too! That very fact has brought me a multitude of comfort in the most challenging time of my life. It is hard to become a Mother, and it is damn hard to become a Mother to two at once, but since connecting with you, I have never felt alone in my journey. Not only are we a dynamic group of women, but our children are going to rock the world someday. I have always loved children and getting to know your beautiful twins just brings joy to my days. I love watching all of them grow up and I often feel like they are missing out on the benefit of knowing each other too. I wish that we were a way for our twins to interact and become the best of friends, just as we are doing. Thank you for everything!

I love you ladies,

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