Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bundles of Joy

Well here is one of the latest photos of the kids, I have to say I am not as good as Tina or Heather about posting pictures of my kids. I do have many to post but just never get around to doing it cause I have always resize in order to post; guess that what keeps me from doing it! This past year has been alot of fun, but I regret that due to PPD I missed out alot on their first few months. I was so depressed and overwhelmed having twins that I didn't take time to cherish alot of their "firsts" and we also were dealing with my husbands ex and his kids that life was just being sucked out of me. Now, I enjoy the kids alot more though they are at daycare for a good portion of the day, i think I now have a better hold on how to deal with them when they are home. I didn't want them to spend so much time away, but I am the one working and my husband who has been laid off since the kids were born decided to go back to school, so he needed time to study; thus the decision for daycare. I guess I feel guilty about it, after hearing about those that are SAHM (whom I admire) I wonder if I should not be doing the same thing, and will I regret later down the road missing out on stuff. Though as hectic as being a SAHM of twins can be, I do read alot of the adventures (good and bad) of those whom do have their kids all day, it's something they will remember about their children growing up.

Anywho, I do have mixed emotions and I do know once my husband lands a decent job that I may decide to go back to school part-time as I want to do ultrasound technician; I think it would be a blast telling others they are going to have twins or more! I just hope in the end the kids will look back and know about the sacrafice we have made for them, and they don't hold a grudge having to have gone to daycare at such an early age; although they love going now, it's like BYE BYE Momma...we want to play! I look forward to reading the other posts here and having fun with fellow Twin Mama's!

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  1. I could completely relate to your post in many ways.. thanks for sharing!