Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun Times on the Phone

I had a great time last night talking Tina :) It was finally good to really have a decent chat with a fellow twin Mama. We talkeda about hard it was raising twins, and that though we love our kids there are times we wish to go back to the carefree days of single life or married life without kids. I know I have friends that have kids, but to have twins is a different ballgame as we all have come to find out, and though we love our kids very much it can be so taxing to your individuality, to your relationships with other friends (non twin mamas), and relationship with your SO. Having each other is so important, having the ability to speak out how you feel and have someone "Really" know what you are talking about is so wonderful. I am thankful for getting to know other twin mamas online, its my source of sanity!

I think we should really thinkg about getting together, even if we have to make the annual Twins Convention in Twinsburg our meeting place, I think it would be great to work on meeting one day. I know for myself the thought of travelling with twins is crazy but i think in hte end it would be great. I know it was just so great to talk to Tina finally, after all the textings and talking on facebook its just nice to finally get to talk and laugh and compare war stories. Have fun camping Tina!!! I know you'll come back with tons of photos to share :)



  1. I would love to make Twinsburg our meeting place! I think it is very appropriate! It is usually the first week in August though...Just passed for this year.

  2. I would love it too! And I toally wouldnt mind helping people out with the area and coordinating stuff. If anyone has questions about wonderful Ohio just ask away!!! :)