Friday, August 6, 2010

More than Ever

Dear Twin Mamas,

Wow! The last few weeks have been tough for me. I don't really want to go into details here, but you all know what is going on. Man, just when I think I have a few things figured out, life just flips my script. I guess that is why this Twin business is not for sissies. I just wanted to thank you all again, because I have needed you more than ever, and you have been there for me, like always. I really wish that we were closer because I could use the real life support now too. I just feel a bit lost at times, kinda like we all were in the first few months of this journey. Pull me in.
Love you Mamas,


  1. Heather,

    Remember I told you that even though we hadnt met officially, I always felt like you were there for me, without knowing it? We are all here for you... I wish I could be there physically, but know I am with you in spirit!

    Luv Ya Too!


  2. Thanks so much Nicole! I know you guys are right there behind me on this, and it does mean the world to me right now.