Monday, September 20, 2010

49lbs of adorableness

Today someone said something that I think about a lot. "I wonder what it would be like to only have one baby."

I usually think about this when I take the babies out in public by myself. Do you know how heavy a double jogging stroller is?? Especially when it's crammed in the trunk of a Hyundai Elantra. Lately though every once in awhile I get to leave it behind.

The babies are great walkers now. They love walking around you can see how free and independent they feel. I don't let them walk around parking lots much at all. Really, I only allow it when we are in small parking lots to and from parks.

So we sort of have a routine down. First I go to Ty's side and put on his Elmo harness, then he gets to walk over with me to Lexi's side. He REALLY likes tires so that usually keeps him occupied until I get her out. She refuses to walk just sits and cries and it makes me sad so I carry her. Then we slooowwwlly let Ty walk into the playground area.

This process takes about 15 minutes. Gravel and sidewalks are very fascinating to a 17 month old. Finally we make it to the gate and I can let them free and then spend 45-60 min chasing them in opposite directions trying to keep them from running up the stairs and falling and breaking their necks. Such as today when Lexi did have a bit of a tumble but she was ok just scared and luckily another mom grabbed Ty before he ran up the stairs on the other side of the playstructure.

Finally when it's time to go I have to convince them to leave as you can imagine getting to the car is much much harder than getting out. Usually it ends with me lugging a baby under each arm across the parking lot. (like today!) And when that happens it's usually when I think jeez it must be nice to just have to lug 26lbs of baby around... BUT I still wouldn't trade my 49lbs of baby for all the non-aching backs in the world.

Hi Lexi where is your brother?

Oh wait there he is, Ty ...Ty..... Come back here!


  1. how precious! i often think that and then get back to reality and am completely happy with the two we created. :) you've got so much i need to much as i love Rascal Flats I needed to turn the volume off to do so:)

  2. Love it! I've totally done the one under each arm move to get them back to the car. Some people only have one baby? How boring. ;)

  3. I absolutely cannot take both boys to the park by myself. They are fearless. They climb ladders and stairs and slide down slides (backwards on bellies if I'm lucky; forward seated if I'm not).

  4. Well mejaka I can only take them to certain parks. Mine are fearless too and they know to go down the stairs on their bellies backwards but they don't LOOK before going backwards on their bellies!