Monday, September 20, 2010

Life isn't about finding yourself... life is about creating yourself.

Having children changes changes you forever.

Sometimes you feel as if you lose yourself to being just a mom. Sometimes you feel as if your life revolves around all things children. And if you answer honestly, it usually does.

I love being a mom. I feel as if it was what I was meant to be doing with my life. I have my ups and downs in this occupation, but overall, I feel I do a darn good job. However, there was a point where I felt like, I'm just a mom.

And then, I realized. I'm still me. I found I was created into a new and improved version of myself:

I'm a nurturer. Every day I hug, love, hold, kiss and care for three little beings. I have been entrusted with their lives and I couldn't be more honored to be the one to love them.

I have patience in situations with my children that would make a grown man cry.

I'm strong. Physically and mentally I work day in and day out. I never call a sick day. I never take a vacation.

I can achieve my goals: I decided to run a half-marathon after having my twins and started training when they were 7 weeks old. When they were 7 months old I completed the Carlsbad Half-Marathon. I didn't walk an inch.

I'm beautiful: I was devastated by what I saw in the mirror after having my children. But now when I look at myself I appreciate what I see: I don't have a perfectly flat stomach, I have little lines around my eyes when I laugh. Things have changed but I see the admiration in my husband's eyes when he looks at me and I love hearing my four year old say: Mommy you look like a princess! How could I wish to look differently when the people I love the most think I'm beautiful?

So yes, I found, I'm a mom. Just a mom and I absolutely love it.

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