Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I Missed, Love and Look forward to

First off sorry Tina! It's been sooooo long not only here but on my own as well :( But here I am adding to you topic :)

What I missed... While I was preggo with the twinners, I missed so much just going out and about, being comfortable, keeping food down (!), I missed going out for that drink after work, I missed alot because I was stuck at home all by myself at night and if I did too much I paid by having the worst contractions ever! Then my beautiful babies came and I forgot about all that I missed... now at 9 months I miss my babies! They aren't cute little squishes anymore (but they aren't toddlers either). They stand up and don't hold on to stuff anymore... I miss them just sitting there LOL They just want to move! While looking at the pictures to send to Heather I couldn't help but get all choked up... Do you ladies know how long it's been since I looked at those pictures?! It made me sooo sad, not just because of how small and full of IV's, tubes, and wires they were but that they are huge now and won't stop growing! Those first months were hard but looking back they did go sooo fast. It's nice to see the new twin mamas dealing with no sleep because we all have been there, done that. Now they know :P I just try and keep reminding them that this will past and that they grow before their eyes...

What I love... I love playing in the baby cage with the kids everyday. I love the way they climb all over me like I'm a jungle gym. I love the way Dexter kisses and kisses and kisses! I love the way he kisses Ella and she instantly cries... and the way she will sometimes sneak in a kiss of her own. I love the fun we have everyday when we go wake daddy up. All 4 of us on a king sized bed. The kids patting(pounding) daddy to wake up and giggle when he opens his eyes. I love that they are getting more and more independent (I know that doesn't make sense with what is written above!) and just growing. All the neat stuff they learn everyday... I love how they call for me all the time! Mum mum mum... yup that's me! I LOVE HOW THEY SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! Who would have ever thought I would love that!?!

What I look forward too... I look forward to the day that we can spend all day doing art projects, cook, really play in the park (not just playing on swings!), and most of all when they really play together! I look forward to the day they talk and understand each other. I can not wait for when they tell me what they want in even the simplest of words. I'm waiting for the day (that's coming soo!!) when we can all lay in the grass and play, rake up leaves and throw them in! There really is just so much to look forward to that it's hard to dwell on the things I missed till it catches up with you one day.

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